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What is a Beer Flight?

Posted by Otto on 11/7/2014 to Beer Glasses
What is a Beer Flight?What is a Beer Flight? 

In a nutshell, a beer flight is a number of small beer glasses each holding a different beer. These small samples allow you to try multiple styles/brands of beer in one sitting and in moderate quantities.

Casual beer drinkers may view the product as a basic beverage with choices that include light or dark beer, which they can drink from a bottle, aluminum can or glass from the bar. However, with at home kits, people are beginning to produce their own tasty creations. In fact, as the industry has grown, home brewers and establishments that have a large beer selection, such as bars, breweries and restaurants, have begun offering beer flights. 

Why have a Beer Flight?

A beer flight is similar to a wine tasting as you値l have the opportunity to try several different beer varieties at one time. The different beers are poured into small glasses, and most flights feature at least four kinds of beer. A beer flight will help you select a favorite type of beer. Furthermore, the option is cost effective because you can sample the different beer varieties before ordering a full glass of your favorite beer.

Beer Flight Set Options

Beer flight sets will allow you to offer a tasting of your home crafted beer to your friends and family members. You can choose from an assortment of sets. For instance, you can buy a set that features four sample glasses on a paddle. The glasses are 3.75 inches tall and 2.25 inches wide. You値l serve the glass set on the hard wood panel, which has slots to secure the glasses. You can also choose sets with 5-inch tall glasses as well as styles that hold 4.5 or 5 ounces of liquid. A beer flight stand is another drink presentation style to consider. When you purchase a stand set, you値l receive a metal rack that is just over 11 inches tall. The set also features four glasses that are 4 inches tall, and each glass will hold 5 ounces of beer. If you prefer to present your beer in simple mugs, then you can purchase a sample mug set. Each mug holds 4 ounces of beer.

By purchasing an official beer flight set, you値l thrill your family members and friends with your professional display. In addition, the flight set will help you study their taste preferences to improve the flavor of your beer. You can also use a beer flight set if you enjoy buying different beer varieties produced by professional developers. 

Beer Flight Sets are an Ideal Gift

A beer flight set is the perfect present for people who brew their own beer. The beer producing process requires a number of steps, and when people take the time to create different varieties, they値l likely want to share their efforts with others.

How to Create a Beer Flight

Most people taste a beer flight from the lightest beverage to the darkest brew to warm up their palate for the intense flavors of the darker beers. Also, a beer flight will have from four to six small glasses that hold just a few ounces of beer. It should also feature a variety of brews. Keep in mind that an ideal beer flight will highlight the difference between your beers.

When you池e in a bar or restaurant, you can order a flight from the same beer producer, which is called a horizontal flight, to locate a new favorite from a preferred developer. Vertical flights are also available, and they include different years of the same beer vintage. In addition, you can order a flight that features samples from different producers who use the same brewing style. By tasting different beers, you can alter your own beer production based upon the flavor variations that you prefer during a tasting.

Reasons to Buy a Beer Flight Set

With a professional beer flight set, you can ensure that your guests are sampling the right amount of beer to test the flavor without drinking too much. Also, a personal beer flight set will help you narrow your beer development to your best product.

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