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BeerFest Movie Trivia

Posted by Otto on 1/15/2015 to Beer Boots

Some BeerFest Movie Trivia

I thought I’d dig up some BeerFest trivia for your reading pleasure. Here goes…

How Big is Das Boot in Beerfest?

Posted by Otto on 1/14/2015 to Beer Glasses
How Big is Das Boot in Beerfest?

Beer Boot FAQs

Posted by Otto on 1/11/2015 to Beer Boots
Since the release of the movie BeerFest, I’ve seen are sharp increase in the interest of German glass Beer Boots . TrueBeer has been importing and selling beer boots for years now. Here’s a list of questions that we frequently answers relating to beer boots:

Looking for a Beer Glass Tasting Set?

Posted by Otto on 1/7/2015 to Beer Glasses

Beer Glass Tasting Sets

TrueBeer is now stocking a full line of beer tasting glass sets. These beer glasses are the perfect way to enjoy the many different styles of beers. Beer has long been served in different styles of glasses with each style designed to bring out the best of the beer. Our beer glass sets are put to together with the beer connoisseur in mind. We’ve grouped together our favorite pokal, snifter, mugs, stange, pilsner and wheat beer glasses into sets. With these beer glass sets, you will have the glassware at your disposal for properly enjoying a craft beer.

All About Belgian Beer

Posted by Gambrinus on 1/7/2015
All About Belgian Beer Belgium has a long history of brewing beers which dates back to the era when beer was brewed in monasteries.

Top 5 Beer Related Groomsmen Gifts Ideas

Posted by Otto on 1/4/2015 to Beer Glasses

Top 5 Beer Related Groomsmen Gifts Ideas

Need some ideas for great beer related gift for your groomsmen or wedding party? TrueBeer has you covered. We stock a wide assortment of great groomsmen gifts. Here's a list of our top five groomsmen gifts: