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Which Beer Glasses To Use?

Posted by on 7/15/2013 to Beer Glasses
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One of the frequently asked questions at TrueBeer is how to pair glasses with beer.  This information should help you pick the proper glass on the fly.  The list isn't intended to cover all beer styles - just the most popular in the USA.  That said, here is a list of the popular beer styles and the proper beer glasses to serve them in:

Note: This article serves only to give a quick rundown the which glasses to use when serving specific styles of beer.  These are recommendations and not beer snob canon.  Please review our other info pages for more information on beer glass styles and types.  The styles of beer are presented in order of the Most Popular Beer Styles based on number of entries in the 2012 Nation Homebrewers Conference.

Stouts and Porters
These are the recommended glass for serving stouts and porters with an ABV between 3-6%.  

Stout Beer Glasses

Use a pint glass. Or, if you are feeling classy, try a:

Pokal Glass

Higher ABV stout and porter variations including Imperial Stouts and Baltic Porters should be served in these glasses:
Snifter Beer Glass
Snifter glasses or perhaps a:

Tulip Beer Glass

American Ales
Most American ales can be enjoyed in these beer glasses:

Beer Mug
Beer Mugs
Or these glass are also acceptable:

Nonic Glasses

willibecher beer glass
Willybecher Glasses or any other type of pint glass.

India Pale Ales (IPAs)
I like to enjoy an IPA in this style of beer glass:
IPA Beer Glass
Tulip Beer Glass
These other styles work great too:

IPA Pokal Glass
Pokal Glasses

IPA Beer Glasses
Willybecher, Nonic or Tulip Pint

Belgian and French Ales
Belgian and French ales include Abbey beers, Saisons, etc., should be served in these glasses:

Goblet Beer Glass

Belgian Ale Glass
Tulip Beer Glass

Belgian Strong Ales (Dubbel, Tripel, Quadrupel, high ABV, etc.)
These big Belgians should be served in these glasses:

Goblet Beer Glass
Goblet Beer Glasses

Chalice Beer Glass
Chalice Beer Glass

Wine Glass For Beer
Over-Sized Wine Glass

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