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Posted by Brad on 8/1/2013

10 Year Anniversary is Celebrating the Important Milestone of 10 Years in Business

BOSTON, MA, September 2013 - TrueBeer was founded in 1997 by selling beer glasses on a popular online auction site. Due to a steady level of growth, the founder of TrueBeer decided to launch a dedicated website at in 2003. Since that time, the online retailer has expanded its catalog of hard to find bar items and gifts to include cocktail accessories, cocktail bitters, clothing and other handpicked bar items.

TrueBeer's eCommerce Director Brian Fernald recently reflected on the success of his company and its level of growth within the industry: "The interest in good craft beer has really been a boon for us. We have been beating the drum and sharing information about pairing glassware with the different beer styles since our launch in 2003. Because of this, TrueBeer is the go-to source for barware and glassware information."

Fernald also reports that the company "has experienced exponential annual growth since the launch of our online storefront. We have expanded our customer base to service customers around the world." The eCommerce Director went on to state that "it's been really fun to see the different spikes in the beer glassware and craft cocktail market over the years. We started out serving a small but loyal group of beer glass collectors. These folks collect branded beer glasses from around the world. Then, a spike in interest in Beer Boot Glasses was brought on by the use of Das Boot in the movie "BeerFest" in 2006. Beer boots became a popular glass at college parties and then as Groomsman gifts when these college students graduated and got married. All along, we’ve seen a steady growth from consumers and the industry in pairing glassware with the proper style of beer. We were in a perfect position to service this market with our expertise and selection."

TrueBeer is a small run business located in Weymouth, MA, and the company is well-poised to continue to capitalize on the surge of interest in beer and cocktail related bar items. According to Fernald, the company will soon be making an expansion into the bar decor market, and they are also planning to widen their selection of items that can be personalized and engraved. Fernald credits the company's customers with providing TrueBeer with feedback that has helped them locate new and unusual products, and this loyalty is rewarded through a continuously growing and diverse list of items.

TrueBeer is proud to be the leading online resource for barware items. The company currently stocks more than 1,000 different items, and each of them has been handpicked from suppliers located around the world. The staff of has expert knowledge about classic cocktails and draft beer, and they use this knowledge to source beer boots, cocktail tools and beer glasses for customers around the world.

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