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At, we endeavor to make certain every customer is satisfied with their purchase.  We are committed to offering reasonable prices, quick shipping and stocking the best selection of barware items.   Here's what customers are saying about
"The boots are one of the best investments I've ever made. Broke them in the first second I had them! Bought a total of 12 and they've lived up to there expectations!"
"Thank you so much, I am getting married on Saturday and I needed those for my groomsmen. I never thought they would make it here seeing how I ordered last minute on Friday. Anyway I received them yesterday in perfect condition with three days to spare. You guys are amazing and do very good work. When I get back to a computer I will be sure to rave about ya'll on the website. Thanks again. You had a part in making this wedding awesome."

"The glasses were exactly what I expected. They shipped quickly and are of high quality. I'm really enjoying my beers more than I did previously. Thanks!"

Absolutely amazing. The combination between the price, size, and quality make this a great deal. I couldn't be more pleased. My rugby team and I have had it for a couple of weeks and have used it every weekend. I have already recommended it to so many other people."

"Love them! The glasses are excellent, just like all the other glasses I have ordered from you in the past, and I'll be ordering more!

True Beer= awesome! "

"I purchased the boots for my son's birthday(he is a very successful home brewer) he was quite pleased and said my granddaughter loved drinking out of the shot glass( water of course). Satisfied with order and delivery."

"The item was a Christmas gift for my brother and he loves it!"

"The items that I had purchased the skull glasses, and the boot glasses, were excellent. the quality was good and the glass is nice and thick. they will last a long time and I will use them alot around the house for my favorite beverage.. Beer and or other good spirits. thanks for packing them so good, they arrived with no damage and I think they are great. The boots I gave to my dad since he is a world war 2 vet and he said this brings back a lot of memories of drinking beer when he was in Germany.  Kudos to you all. "

"The beer boot was a great hit at our Christmas party, thank you for the expedited shipping.  I have your site saved for the future and we are talking about ordering several plastic boots to have a beer boot party.  Thank you again"

"Thank you for your inquiry, True Beer! This product has more than certainly served its purposes well. It has not only held its share of beer, but also wine, and other combination's of booze. The bubble pops in the faces of inexperienced, under-qualified boot drinkers (as it should), and yet impresses them when they watch more experienced boot drinkers. It has gotten many a person drunk (even when split three-ways). So, to answer your question, True Beer, we have liked your product so far and have found it to be of good quality and are happy with this purchase."  A Serious Boot Drinker

"The beer boot was a Christmas gift for a member of my family.  They loved the boot at the holiday party were at.  I think the boot was well priced and well constructed.  It was well worth it and I will be back to your site in the future. Thanks!"

"Thanks for the opportunity to review your products (glass and glass sets) and service.  Both sets were gifts.  One was for my daughter and son-in-law and the other for my son.  Both were very happy with their gifts.  The Sam Adams glass was for me and I am very satisfied with it.  I have wanted one for a while but your price was what, in the end, made me a buyer.  It is far and away the best designed beer glass I have ever had the pleasure of using.  Overall I am very satisfied with your product(s) and your service."

"Delivery time was quick!  Love the glasses, looking forward to ordering some more from you soon!

"I'm VERY happy with the items I bought!  The 1/2 litre boots are great.  I drink out of them all the time and people always have something to say when I bring them out.  The lady beer glass was a gift for a friend and he couldn't stop smiling and laughing about it.  He didn't think something like that existed.  The 4 litre boot I havn't drank out of yet...but it does get a lot of comments sitting out where it does.  The harp glass I'm happy with, as it's my favourite beer and my first harp glass.  Overall I am very happy with what I ordered and will definitely make an order in the future."

"My products were quickly shipped and in good condition. Great products!"

"You guys are great. Everything arrived quickly in great shape. The wormwood leaf absinthe spoon is beautiful. And I love that you have those very rare BFM glasses. Definitely count me in among your happy customers."

"The beer mugs and boots are perfect ! Thankyou do much for a great gift for my wedding party. Will enjoy them. Thank you."