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Skull and Cross Bones Ice Mould
Skull Ice Mould

Skull and Cross Bones Ice Mould

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Skull and Cross Bones Ice Mould

Everyday is a party when you add these skull and crossbones ice cubes into the mix. Whether it's Halloween, pirates week or a birthday gag gift, these scary shaped ice cubes are great for any themed party. You can add an element of surprise into everyone's night when you drop these into their drinks. Add herbs and spices to your ice to top off the perfect glass of tea. Bits of fruit can be added to half filled trays to garnish a cool summer drink. What could be better than buttering your toast with pirate shaped spread. This ghoulish multiuse silicone mould can withstand temperatures from -58 degrees Fahrenheit up to 446 degrees. Fred and Friends moulds are far more versatile than your average ice cube tray. Spark your kids' imaginations when they help you create spooky colored jello shapes or cook up some candy. Not only can you bake miniature cupcakes, but you can make cake decorations as well. Non food applications include making your own sidewalk chalk and soap. These trays are is made from food safe silicone rubber. The mould is 8.5" wide by 4.25" tall and creates 8 separate skull and cross bone ice cubes.


  • Made from reusable and food safe silicone rubber.
  • Mold can withstand temperature from -58F to 446F.
  • Ice mould tray is 8.5 inches wide x 4.25 inches tall.
  • Sure to be a hit at your next party!
  • Genuine Fred and Friends product.

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