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Samuel Adams Boston Brewery Tour

Posted by Otto on 8/8/2012 to Random Musings

Samuel Adams Boston Brewery Tour

I took a day off this week to visit the Sam Adams brewery in Boston. Tours run during the week from 12:00PM to 3:00PM. Getting there can be a little tricky since it’s a couple of miles outside of the center of Boston in a residential neighborhood (the Jamaica Plain section of Boston). I drove there but the brewery is not too far from the Stony Brook T (T = Boston public transportation system) stop. Parking was easy to find.

Once inside the brewery I was greeted by a gaggle of friendly 20-something people in Sam Adams polo shirts. I hitched on to a tour that just started and it began with the history of the company, their founder and a funny story about the label. From there we moved on to the brewery.

The brewery is small and just a test kitchen of sorts for creating new recipes and brewing Utopias (a Sam Adams uber beer). We were herded over to a platform for a review of the ingredients used in the brewing process. The tour guide passed around plastic cups of malt and stale hops. From there we moved to the middle of the brewery for a review of the brewing process. Luckily, they were brewing that day and we saw a young lady removing spent grain from the mash vessel. The information was easy to digest and didn’t get into the finer points of making Sam Adams Boston Lager - just the prototypical brewer tour. Next was the sampling room.

Inside the sampling room, we were each given a small sampling glass and then the tour guide passed around pitchers of Boston Lager, SummerFest and an unreleased dunkle weisse. Having drank the first two many times, I was happy to sample the dunkle weisse. It was a perfect example of the style and the flavor had notes of banana and chocolate. I’d love to see this beer added to the Sam Adams repertoire as this German style of beer is not easy to find in the States.

Visit this page to learn more about taking the tour: Sam Adams Tour

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