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Pool Beer Pong Rack
Beer Pong Cup Rack

Pool Beer Pong Rack

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Inflatable Beer Pong Rack

There is no question that most people who are in college or have ever been to college have regularly played the game of beer pong while at a party or just drinking with some friends. It is one of those drinking games that has stuck around and nearly everyone has played it at some point or another, and that is because it is flat out fun. The goal of the game is to align the cups up across the table from another team and toss ping pong balls at the opponent’s cups, with the intention on sinking your shot, in which case the other team has to remove the cup and consume the beer, or whatever other drink you put in the cups. The goal of the game is to get all of your opponents cups removed, and get them as drunk as possible, while remaining sober and taking on the next team.

The inflatable beer pong rack takes the game to a whole new level, and now you can enjoy beer pong in the pool. A lot of times there are parties going on that are at a pool, and what better game to take to the pool than beer pong. Get your very own inflatable beer pong rack today and get the party going!

Play beer pong at your next pool party without having to leave the pool! This inflatable rack floats on water and perfectly holds the cups for beer bong. Easy to set up and a blast to use.


  • Package includes (2) Inflatable raft, (3) balls.
  • You can use most 16 oz party cups with this system (cups not included).
  • Also works with the N-ice Rack system.
  • Easy to Use

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