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Looking for a Beer Glass Tasting Set?

Posted by Otto on 1/7/2015 to Beer Glasses

Beer Glass Tasting Sets

TrueBeer is now stocking a full line of beer tasting glass sets. These beer glasses are the perfect way to enjoy the many different styles of beers. Beer has long been served in different styles of glasses with each style designed to bring out the best of the beer. Our beer glass sets are put to together with the beer connoisseur in mind. We’ve grouped together our favorite pokal, snifter, mugs, stange, pilsner and wheat beer glasses into sets. With these beer glass sets, you will have the glassware at your disposal for properly enjoying a craft beer.

Check our beer tasting sets here:

Beer Tasting Set

Beer Tasting Sets 
The tasting sets come in a variety of sizes and combinations. If pint glasses are you’re thing because you’re partial to English Ales and Irish Stouts, we have pint glass sets for you. If you like to sample smaller amounts of beer in one sitting, we have 4 ounce beer sampling sets with either a wooden serving paddle or a metal flight rack. If you want to cover all bases in terms of beer styles, try the True Beer Tasting Set. This six glass set has a beer glass for enjoying every major style of beer.

TrueBeer has been selling beer glasses since our early days on eBay starting in 1997. We use our years of experience in the glassware business to hand pick beer glasses from the world’s best glassware factories. We love beer and use our product in our own homebars. We are committed to assisting our discerning customers find the coolest and highest quality beer glasses and barware available on the market today. Plus, if we can’t find it, we’ll make it!

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