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Lindemans Cuvee Beer Glass
Lindemans Cuvee Glass

Lindemans Cuvee Beer Glass

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Authentic Lindemans Cuvee Glass

Enjoy this highly authentic cuvee glass imported from Belgium. The Lindemans brewery is world renowned for their selection of beers. This unique glass has the intricate Lindemans logo printed in white on it, with the "L" featured in gold print. The back of the glass features a pour line at 25cl. A perfect gift for anyone that loves lambics!


  • Brewery: Brouwerij Lindemans
  • Country of Origin: Vlezenbeek, Belgium
  • Glass Type: Tumbler
  • Size: .3 liter or 10 ounces
  • Dimensions: 5 1/2 inches high, 3 1/8 wide at rim

About Lindemans and Lambics Lindemans is a small family brewery located in Belgium that was founded in 1822 and has since carved out a niche as being one of the world's best brewers of lambic style beers. Lambic is a sour beer brewed using wild yeast. The brewing process differs slightly from most other styles because rather than selecting and pitching a carefully cultivated yeast strain, a lambic uses native yeast (wild) and bacteria. The result is tart beer that is very popular in Brussels, Belgium and the surrounding areas. Fruit and/or fruit juice can be added after the primary fermentation to trigger a secondary fermentation process that imparts the fruit flavor to the lambic and drops the beer produced into a sub category of a lambics (for example kriek & famboise). Typically, commercial brewers don't mix brewing lambics with their other styles of beer. The yeast and bacteria used to produce a lambic is notoriously difficult to remove from the premises and can taint the other beer styles.

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