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Fee Brothers Plum Bitters
Fee Brothers Plum Cocktail Bitters

Fee Brothers Plum Bitters

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Fee Brothers Plum Cocktail Bitters

Enjoy a dash of bitters with this bottle of Plum Bitters by Fee Brothers.  A few dashes of these bitters will add piquant flavor and an additional layer of complexity to a cocktail.   Plum Bitters offer a fruity blend of plum and spices.  The flavor is similar to that of British plum pudding.

These highly aromatic bitters are blended from the finest ingredients obtained from all over the world including Europe, Asia and Africa.

  • Cocktail Bitters produced by Fee Brothers.
  • Aromatic Plum Bitters.
  • 4oz (118ml) Bottle with dasher.
About Fee Brothers:

Fee Brothers has been producing cocktail bitters, mixes and syrups since 1864.   During  Prohibition Fee Brothers continued the business by making altar wine for use in religious ceremonies.  Since then, Fee Brothers has been offering the cocktail market many different and innovative products.

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