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Engraved True Beer Glassware Set
Beer Glass Tasting Set

Engraved True Beer Glassware Set

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Beer Tasting Glass Set by TrueBeer

This is a glassware set designed to accommodate most beer styles. To fully appreciate a quality beer, it should be served in the proper glassware. This set will help you do just that. Perfect for the beer connoisseur in your life! Make these glasses even more special with an engraved message! Mark a special occasion, event or brand with the name of your home bar or man cave. Price includes one line of engraving per glass with 15 characters (maximum). The set includes one glass each of the following beer glass styles (left to right):

Stange Glass
This glass is 6 high and holds 12 oz. of beer. This glass is best used to serve the following styles of beer: Altbier, Bocks, Czech Pilseners, Faro, Gose, Gueuze, Kolsch, Lambics, Rauchbier and Rye Beer.

Pokal Glass
This tall glass is 7-1/2 inches high and holds 14 oz. of beer. The glass is best used to serve the following styles of beer: Pilsners, American, Czech and German Lagers, and Schwarzbier.

Tulip Glass
This glass is a tulip beer glass that is 7 inches high and holds 13 oz. of beer. This glass should be used to serve the following styles of beer: Belgian Ales, Double/Triple IPAs, Strong Ales, Bocks, Rauchbier, Saison, Belgian Strong Dark Ale, Belgian Strong Pale Ale, Quadrupel (Quad), Biere de Garde and Scotch Ales.

Weizen Glass (wheat beer)
This glass is 9 inches tall and holds 22 oz. of beer. The glass is best used to serve the following styles of beer: American Dark Wheat Ales, American Pale Wheat Ales, Dunkelweizen, Hefeweizen, Kristalweizen and Weizenbock.

This glass is 5.5 inches high and holds 16 oz. of beer. It is great for use as a sipper of high gravity beers (beers with a high alcohol content ABV). This glass is best used to serve the following styles of beer: Barleywines, Strong Ales, Belgian Doubles, Triples and Quadruples.

Dimpled Beer Mug
This glass is a popular beer mug found in many of the bars in America. It is 5 inches high and holds 20 oz. of beer. While this glass can be used to serve most lagers and ales, the mug is best used to serve the following styles of beer: IPAs, Irish Stouts, Stouts and Porters.

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More information on beer glass styles:
Certain types of beer are better served in certain styles of glassware. This doesn't mean that you'll spoil a beer by pouring into the wrong glass however. The shape and features of a glass can increase the drinking experience. If you only drink one style of beer, you're fine with a limited selection of glassware but if you enjoy a varied selection of different craft beer styles, you'll be better served with a great selection of different types of beer glasses and mugs.

Here is a breakdown of popular beer glass types:

Tulip Beer Glasses
Like goblets, tulip glasses have stems. That's about the only similarity between the two styles, because tulip-shaped glassware pinches in where goblets are straight-sided or belled. The curved waist of a tulip glass gives a head a firm foundation; its rounded lower portion concentrates aromas as you drink the beer inside. A specialized version, the thistle glass, is especially popular in Scotland because it resembles the Scottish national flower. It's no coincidence that it's also the perfect glassware for a Scottish ale or barley wine. Tulip glasses are an excellent option for any big, powerful beer or ale you'd like to savor. They tend to be smaller than other styles, so they're great for strong barley wines and smoked beers.

Beer Mugs
Everyone's familiar with these squat, roughly barrel-shaped pieces of handled glassware. A beer mug is a go-to vessel to serve most lagers and ales and the style of mug serves several functions. Such as: Size: The handle on a beer mug allow for a bigger vessel that is easier to handle. Thickness: The thickness of the glass typically found on a beer mug serves to keep the beer colder while it is being enjoyed. Decorative Functions: Beer mugs can be dimpled, paneled or smooth. Beer mugs and steins are remarkably versatile, accommodating anything from American lagers to English stouts and porters or Irish red ales. However, because they handle so many beers well, mugs aren't always a beer aficionado's first choice for a specific beer or ale. They're an excellent default option when you aren't sure how to serve a new beer.

Beer Snifters
Beer snifters are designed for drinking beer with a higher than average alcohol content. The average domestic adjunct lager has about 4% alcohol and a craft IPA or Lager may have about 5-6%. Beer snifters are used for what are called "big beers" with an alcohol content about 7%. Big beers are typically served at room temperature and not ice cold. The warmer temperature help unlock the flavors that the higher alcohol content bring to the table. The shape of the snifter helps keep the beer warm. The short stem of the snifter is too short for holding. This forces the beer drinker to slip the stem between their fingers and cup the bowl of the snifter in their palm. This allows for amble heat transfer from the palm into the beer glass and then into the beer.

Wheat Beer Glasses
Also known as weizen glasses, wheat beer glassware resemble pilsner glasses in their height and dimensions. Like the pilsner, this type of glassware is narrow and flute-like at its base and wider at its top, but it's typically a bit smaller than a traditional pilsner glass. Most weizen glasses have more of a tulip shape compared to the pilsner's more conical sides; this curvaceous shape highlights a wheat beer's magnificent color and concentrates the aromas found in its head. Wheat beers can have some sediment left in them after pouring, so weizen glasses generally widen slightly just before the base to trap cloudiness. Wheat beer glassware make a happy pairing with wheat beers, naturally, but they also complement amber ales and some red ales.

Pokal Glasses
The perfect pokal is stemmed with a slender and narrow base and an overall conical shape. The slim shape shows off a lighter beer's beautiful color while protecting its delicate head from dissipating too quickly. Because the head of a lighter beer holds many of its most appealing aromas, keeping the head intact also keeps the flavor of the beer at its best. Pokal glasses are the perfect companions for pilsners, lagers, Japanese rice lagers, light amber ales and some red ales. Most summer beers are good pairings with this glassware.

5 Stars
Glasses are great quality! Customer service worked with me to address how we could fit the font on the glasses and the engraving came out perfectly. Couldn't be any happier!
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Reviewed by:  from Nyack, NY. on 10/8/2017
5 Stars
Perfect Gift
I bought these as a gift for a friend that loves craft beers. Based on the review that these glasses are higher quality than a lot of sets on other websites I chose this set and am really glad I did. My friend loves these glasses and I had "beer snob" engraved on them. If you love a "beer snob" these make a unique gift.
Did you find this helpful? 
Reviewed by:  from KS. on 12/4/2017

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