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Deutschland One Liter Beer Boot

Deutschland One Liter Beer Boot

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Deutschlad One Liter Beer Boot – Holds 33 ounces of Beer!

This is a one liter decorated version of Das Boot!  Made in Europe by Stolzle Glasswerks (STO) - one of the finest glassware companies in the world.

The logo printed on the front of the boot depicts the "Quadriga" statue on top of the famous Brandenburg Gate in Berlin. The statue represents the goddess of victory driving a chariot pulled by four horses. In this version the goddess holds a German flag. "Deutschland" (Germany) is printed in bold letters above the picture of the Quadriga.

This machine pressed glass boot is made to the highest quality standards and designed to durable and visually appealing example of a traditional German beer boot.


  • Beer Glass Type: German Beer Boot
  • Boot Size: 1 liter or 33 fluid ounces
  • Dimensions: 9-1/2 inches high
  • Made in Europe
  • Made from durable machine pressed glass

Secret Way to Drink from a Beer Boot

This is a traditional European (German) pressed glass drinking boot. This popular item is always an excellent topic of conversation. The secret to drinking from the boot is to point the toe sideways. When the toe is pointed downward, the boot cannot be easily emptied. When the toe is pointed upwards, the liquid flows out of the boot very quickly and uncontrollably, usually spilling all over the drinker.

History Beer Boots

The German custom of drinking from a boot shaped drinking vessel supposedly started as a German army tradition during World War I. Soldiers would pass around a leather boot of bier prior to engaging the enemy. It was considered good luck to flick the beer boot before and after drinking from it. Americans soldiers were introduced to the custom of drink from a glass beer boot while stationed in Germany after World War II. There is a trick to drinking from a beer boot as to not get showered with beer if the toe of the boot is pointed in the wrong direction. The American soldiers had great fun with the beer boots and the fine German beer during their time in Germany. Many of them brought back beer boots and beer steins with them on their return to United States.

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