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Belgian Beer Me! Beer Tours of Belgium

Posted by Otto on 2/13/2012 to Random Musings
Father' Day is around the corner. Why not surprise Dad with a beer trip to Belgium?
Belgian Beer Me
BBM! Founder Stu Stuart (R) on tour with Brewmaster Marc-Antoine DeMees at Brunehaut Brewery, Rongy, Belgium.

The increased interest in craft beer has opened up many opportunities for the discerning beer drinker. One of the more interesting opportunities is beer travel. Over the years, I’ve made my own travel plans centered around beer. This included mapping out which breweries, bars and brewpubs to visit. The results were trips to beer gardens in Germany and to Czech beer halls. Experiencing good beer in a foreign country is life experience every beer drinking should try. You get to enjoy the beer at the source with the locals. Not to mention, you get to sample the culture, architecture and food surrounding the beer. After doing so, it will make picking up a six pack of imported beer from your local store and drinking it at home seem so very boring.

 The trick to making the most of your overseas beer travel is planning and logistics. You need to know where to go and how to get around after imbibing in a few beers. The explosion of beer information online makes planning a bit easier but if you don’t speak the language – logistics are more difficult. This is where the real value of booking a beer tour is evident. Here’s why:

 1. Less stress getting around. Sit back and leave the logistical planning to someone else.

 2. Expert knowledge of the area. Why worry about missing an important destination or wasting valuable time at someplace not worthy of your visit?

 3. Traveling in numbers can open doors closed to solo travelers. A beer tour party may get special treatment from a brewery.

 A top beer tour company is Belgian Beer Me is operated by beer expert Stu Stuart and tours are offered to not only breweries but also annual beer festivals. Stu organizes beer tours to both Belgium and Bamberg in Germany ( Both locations are clearly on the top 5 beer destinations in the world.

 Every beer connoisseur deserves a trip Europe to enjoy beer culture that was not stymied by the Volstead Act. Centuries of unimpeded brewing is best sampled directly from the source. Why not treat yourself or buy a trip for the beer lover in your life? The trip will provide a lifetime of memories that will remain long after the belly full of good beer has been processed.

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