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BeerFest Review

BeerFest Movie Review

The Beerfest movie, the right choice for the hot summers, is a movie that is
aimed at a particular target audience. A film that is sure to click with the
drinkers especially the fans of the golden fizzy drink - beer. Beerfest is
one big beer party in fact a huge competition as to who can consume the
maximum beer. The starring of the movie is Jay Chandrasekhar, Kevin
Hefferman, Paul Soter, Steve Lemme Cloris Leachman, Mo'Nique and Erik

The movie is a good example of very good directorial skills and the scenes
like the ones with the huge crowds at the bars, drinking and generally
merry-making are handled well and shot beautifully and realistically. The
director Jay Chadrasekhar himself has done justice to his work as a director
and actor.

The movie is distributed by Warner Bros. Pictures and is made by the
Production Company, Broken Lizard Productions. Broken Lizards are back with
a bang and the Beerfest is a comedy that you are sure to enjoy. The
dialogues of Beerfest are well written and the jokes are real good and are
true to the situation. The pace of the movie is real fast and is going to
keep the audiences at the edge of the seats throughout.

It's an absolute fun movie; of course the plot does have serious twists and
turns at times. A very unpredictable movie the Beerfest revolves around beer
and more with many other aspects and issues dealt with very well in between
the beer drinking sessions.

Broken Lizards have once again made their point. The sometimes silly sense
of humour with the rash language can at times be a little difficult to
digest for those who go in with great expectations of a perfect movie that
is going to follow all the etiquettes and norms. In fact this is movie which
many would find has broken many rules. Just watch it to enjoy and be a part
of the party and don't bother about the little language here. You are sure
to come out all drunk in the fun and merry making that the beer parties have
to offer. A fresh attempt at fun and comedy, Beerfest is just plain fun.

The Beerfest movie has a lot of the drinking, women and a lot of fun. It
would definitely appeal to the target audience. The plot of the movie
revolves around how the American brothers Jan and Todd Wolfhouse while
travelling to the Oktoberfest to spread their grandfather's ashes there
happen to come across the beer drinking group there. The not so friendly
behaviour on the part of their German counterparts have led them to decide
to go back, make a beer drinking team of theirs and come back next year with
a team of their own for the beer drinking competition. The climax is very
good and it's drinking all the way. Cheers!!!!

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