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BeerFest Movie Trivia

Posted by Otto on 1/15/2015 to Beer Boots

Some BeerFest Movie Trivia

I thought I’d dig up some BeerFest trivia for your reading pleasure. Here goes…

1. What was in inspiration for BeerFest?
The movie by Broken Lizard’s college days at Colgate University where drinking games are common place. Also, while promoting Super Troopers, the Broken Lizard folks competed some drinking games at beer fest. This was the beginning of the idea of making a movie based on beer festivals.

2. How much beer could Das Boot hold?
Das Boot was a 5 liter German beer boot, or bierstiefel, made by the German glassware company Rastal. This equates to a little over 64 ounces of beer.

3. What beer once used in the filming of BeerFest?
The cast drank non-alcoholic beer while filming in order to stay somewhat sober and maintain focus. If the shoot was towards the end of the day, real beer may have been used. The beer companies and brands that appear in the movie were mostly German. They were as follows:
Radeberger – A German Pilsner made in Saxony. One of my favorite German pilsners.
Spaten - One of the top German lagers and a huge sponsor of Oktoberfest in Munich each year. Great beer.
Franziskaner - A German wheat beer. This brand is one of fastest growing in the industry and is challenging Erdinger for top selling Weissbier in the world.
Henninger - A German beer brewed in Frankfurt. I’ve never had it but it is the second best selling beer in Thuringia, Germany.
Guinness - This proto-typical Irish stout is the most widely brewed beer in the world. Guinness is always in my fridge and should be a staple in any beer diet.

4. What was beer boot used in the end of the movie called Das Boot?
Das Boot references the famous WWII movie by the same name. This movie remains a the pinnacle of German film and BeerFest was able to have one of the actors from Das Boot play a character in the movie. Baron von Wolfhausen played the captain in Das Boot and even snuck in a line referring to the movie, “I start to feel all cooped up in these U-Boats; I had a bad experience once."

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