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BeerFest. Fun to watch if you're drunk

Posted by Gambrinus on 7/7/2007 to Beer Boots
There are movies that I would rather borrow from someone than buy an original DVD copy of. And it includes BeerFest, a Rated R comedy that has forgetable characters, hilarious script without hitting it right, and over exposure of breasts that make you beg for it to stop. Beerfest, although was produced by a small production outfit responsible in creating the successful comedy/horror flick, "Club Dread," falls short from its predecessors. If you want would want to at least not get bored watching it, get yourself drunk before you hit play on the DVD remote control.

Going now to the story, Beerfest is an outrageous and hilarious flick that takes root from the oldest tradition of Germany known by the whole world: Oktoberfest. Germans are the real deal when it comes to being beer lovers. In fact, the oldest beer brewery can be found in Germany and the Germans even have a purity law to strictly limit beer brewing with the following ingredients:water, barley and hops. Beerfest, however, lack the information I just presented here. The movie is plain hilarious that there is no way that beer hobbyists can learn a trivia or two after watching this movie.

Beerfest is about two brothers, the Wolfhouses, that decided to go to Germany not only to scatter the ashes of their dead father but also to bond with their long lost relatives, the Wolfhausens. What they do not know is that their German relatives hated their father so much after being suspected of stealing an age-old beer recipe. After being humiliated in a secret beer-drinking club by the Wolfhausens, the two brothers vowed to take revenge. 

What follows is a year-long preparation of starting their own beer-drinking team made up of crazy but lovable characters; an ex-winery employee who uses his love of alcohol as his way to make a living, a scientist who just loves bringing frogs into orgasm, and a male prostitute who was a former ping pong champion. They were enough to complete the beer pack under the tutelage of a hippy-looking Great Gam Gam prior to entering the international beer-drinking match. Nearing the end of the movie, the beer pack lost at the international competition but won in a rematch after using the secret beer recipe as a leverage. For an ending scene, the beer pack encountered and joined the company of an old rocker-hippie that is about to join a marijuana-smoking tournament giving a cue for a Potfest movie.

The plot of the movie is supposed to revolve around the two brothers; however, their co-stars are so funny (even funnier than the two) that they stole the scenes without much of an effort. Because of this, the direction of the plot would get a bit confusing for the movie goers. They will think, who should I root to? Who are the lead star in the flick, anyway? 

Throughout the movie, there is a repertoire of breasts scenes, dirty comedy such as belching and farting scenes, as well as penis humor typical of this kind of comedy flick. The dirty humor and nudity scenes were cute but only for a little while because then you will ask yourself why you are watching this movie at all.

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