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How Big is Das Boot in Beerfest?

Posted by Otto on 1/14/2015 to Beer Glasses
How Big is Das Boot in Beerfest?

Looking for a Beer Glass Tasting Set?

Posted by Otto on 1/7/2015 to Beer Glasses

Beer Glass Tasting Sets

TrueBeer is now stocking a full line of beer tasting glass sets. These beer glasses are the perfect way to enjoy the many different styles of beers. Beer has long been served in different styles of glasses with each style designed to bring out the best of the beer. Our beer glass sets are put to together with the beer connoisseur in mind. We’ve grouped together our favorite pokal, snifter, mugs, stange, pilsner and wheat beer glasses into sets. With these beer glass sets, you will have the glassware at your disposal for properly enjoying a craft beer.

Top 5 Beer Related Groomsmen Gifts Ideas

Posted by Otto on 1/4/2015 to Beer Glasses

Top 5 Beer Related Groomsmen Gifts Ideas

Need some ideas for great beer related gift for your groomsmen or wedding party? TrueBeer has you covered. We stock a wide assortment of great groomsmen gifts. Here's a list of our top five groomsmen gifts:

The History of Beer Steins

Posted by Otto on 12/22/2014 to Beer Glasses

The History of Beer Steins

It is easy to become confused with the many modern terms surrounding steins and similar vessel designs. Traditionally, steins have been stoneware tankards featuring hinged lids. Today, steins have evolved to being available in a wide range of materials such as glass, silver, pewter, wood, plastic, and other materials for ornamental or practical uses. An abbreviation of the German Steinzeugkrug, a stein is traditionally a stoneware tankard with the feature of a hinged lid. While they may be considered ornamental to most people today, the design of the stein grew out of a feeling of necessity in the sixteenth century.

Beer Glass Chart

Posted by Otto on 11/8/2014 to Beer Glasses
Check out this cool Beer Glass Identification Chart from  All part of TrueBeer's efforts to help educate the public on how to pair beer with the proper glassware. If you like it, please share it!

What is a Beer Flight?

Posted by Otto on 11/7/2014 to Beer Glasses
What is a Beer Flight?

Casual beer drinkers may view the product as a basic beverage with choices that include light or dark beer, which they can drink from a bottle, aluminum can or glass from the bar. However, with at home kits, people are beginning to produce their own tasty creations. In fact, as the industry has grown, home brewers and establishments that have a large beer selection, such as bars, breweries and restaurants, have begun offering beer flights.

5 Tips for Hosting a Beer Tasting Party

Posted by on 7/16/2013 to Beer Glasses
How to Host a Beer Tasting Party in 5 Easy Steps
For years, beer was considered a working-class beverage that had no place at a fancy party. Wine and cheese platters were commonplace among entertainers, but beer was relegated by barbecues and keg parties. In recent years, however, this trend has begun to change. The proliferation of microbreweries and craft beers has opened up a wider variety of tastes to explore, and many more people are enjoying beer than ever did in the past. This has allowed beer tastings to gain in popularity and prominence, and they're a fantastic way to spend some time with friends or family.

If you're interested in hosting your own beer tasting party, here are some steps to help you get started:

Which Beer Glasses To Use?

Posted by on 7/15/2013 to Beer Glasses
Having trouble figuring out which beer glass to use to serve a certain type of beer?  Relax, we have you covered.  Here's a cheat sheet that covers the more common beer styles. 

10 Beer Glasses You Need To Own

Posted by Otto on 7/3/2013 to Beer Glasses
How to Stock your home bar with beer glasses for properly serving beer.

Beer should be served in the type of beer glass that can highlight the specific qualities present in the style of beer. The greater the variety of beer styles you like to drink increases the amount of beer glassware you need to stock in your bar. The selection process can be tricky and this article will hopefully explain the selection process and how and why glasses are paired with beer styles. The following is a list of top ten beer glasses used to enjoy the most popular styles of beer.

Zatec Beer Glass Product Showcase

Posted by Otto on 10/16/2012 to Beer Glasses

Zatec Beer Glass Product Showcase

Our featured product of the month is the Zatec Beer Glass. This lovely beer glass matches the high quality of the Zatec beer. This beer hails from a region west of Prague in the Czech Republic. Zatec is a standout in a country rich with high quality lagers.