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Beer Boot FAQs

Posted by Otto on 1/11/2015 to Beer Boots

Since the release of the movie BeerFest,  I’ve seen are sharp increase in the interest of German glass Beer Boots . TrueBeer has been importing and selling beer boots for years now. Here’s a list of questions that we frequently answers relating to beer boots:

Q: Can you emboss, engrave or custom print your Beer Boots?
A: Yep.  Check out this page: Engraved Beer Boots

Q: Which one of your boots is similar to the Das Boot glass used in BeerFest?
A: Our two liter blown glass boot is the spitting image of the beer boot used in BeerFest. Have a look for yourself: Das Boot

Q: Where do your Beer Boots come from?
A: We source all our beer boots from  all over the world.  This includes the USA, Europe and Asia. Some of the glassware companies we buy boots from are in Germany and Austria but they have factories throughout Europe. That said, our boots are mostly made in Germany, Austria, Poland. We stock a boot for every budget.

Q: What is the secret to drinking from a beer boot?
A: Point the toe of the boot to either left of the right. Don’t drink with the toe facing down or up. This will result in spilling beer as the last of the beer is leaving the boot.

Q: What beer should be served in the Beer Boot?
A: Any beer really. For the sake of authenticity, why not try a German lager or pilsner? I’m a big fan of Radeberger and think it stacks up well against other European pilsners – including the greats like Pilsner Urquell and Budweiser (the REAL one from the Czech Republic).

Q: Can someone really chug 2 liters of beer from your 2 liter Das Boot Glass?
A. I don’t recommend “chugging” beer or drinking beer in an unsafe manner. Good beer tastes great. Why not enjoy it slowly? Plus, drinking that amount at once is unwise to say the least and would be considered irresponsible drinking. TrueBeer encourages responsible beer drinking.

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