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Beer Boot Drinking Rules

Posted by Otto on 5/6/2014 to Beer Boots

The Rules for a Proper Beer Boot Contest

A lot of people have contacted us and asked us for the rules of drinking from a German beer boot, or Das Boot. In case you don't know any, Germans love rules! With this in mind, rules must be employed when drinking from Das Boot. They are as follows:

1. Das Boot can't touch the table until it is empty.

2. Once empty, you must flick the glass with you finger before passing the beer boot to the next person. This will bring you good luck.

3. Always hold Das Boot with the toe facing out when drinking. If the toe is pointed in any other direction, you will wear the beer rather than drink it.

4. If you get splashed in the face, you must drink again.

5. The person who drank from Das Boot immediately preceding the person to empty Das Boot must purchase the next fill.

6. If you break rules 2-4, you must drink again.

7. Never clink beer boots with other glassware or slam them on the table. They may break - therefore ending the contest.

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