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Beer Boot Care

How to care for your beer boot

Alright, now that you've got your beer boot home you'll need to know how to properly care for it.  First thing to do is to wash and rinse it before use.   Here's what to do:

1. Hand wash the beer boot with mild dish-washing liquid and a clean sponge.  Use hot water and clean thoroughly.

2. Next, rinse thoroughly with clean water.

 3. Let the boot on a towel in a safe place and allow it to air-dry.  Never place a fragile beer boot in a dishwasher.  It could be broken, damaged or left with an unwanted residue that could affect flavor, aroma and head retention of the beer you pour into it.

Now that you've got a clean and dry beer boot, add beer and enjoy.  Don't bang the boot around or smash it down on a table.  Its made of glass after all and doesn't like being treated roughly.  Drink responsibly and have fun with your new beer boot.  Treat it well and you'll be able to pass it down to your grandchildren some day. Maybe they'll have a chance to sample Das Boot just like you!

More information on Beer Boots:

There are many stories about the origins of the beer boot. Perhaps you believe that it stems from World War I soldiers passing around a boot full of beer because they had nothing else to drink from. Another version claims that a Prussian general promised to drink beer from boot if they won a battle. Upon victory, he has a glass fashioned in the shape of his boot so he could fulfill the bet without actually tasting his own feet. Maybe you just finished watching Beerfest and love the idea of having a drinking competition where the vessels are shaped like large boots.

Regardless of your reasons for introducing Das Boot glass to your man-cave or bar; doing so is certain to keep things more interesting. Imagine the joy on your buddy's face when you hand him not a pint, but an entire liter of beer in a 1 liter beer boot made of glass. Now imagine the joy you will experience as you watch him struggle to manipulate the boot and actually drink that cool, refreshing beer.

Our boots are available in many different sizes. Pick up several of the 1 liter beer boots so you can enjoy a competition, Beerfest size. Grab at least one 2 liter beer boot for the smart-aleck in your life who's always bragging about how much he can drink. Pick up a 3 liter beer boot for easy serving, or as a gag gift for a good friend or family member.

Decorated beer boots not only bring this piece of German folklore into your home, but you can also proudly display your favorite branch of the service or career. We offer decorated beer boots featuring the Navy, Marines, Army and Air Force. If you're a proud grunt then you can make a powerful statement by choosing the Marine glass boot in the impressive 3 liter size and displaying the other branches in the smaller 1 liter sizes. 

Engravable beer boots feature a metal coat of arms on the front that can be engraved with your choice of message. Engraving services are available at your local jewelry stores and will allow you to personalize Das Boot for a serious gift, a gag gift, or just to proudly lay claim to your own bar at home. You can also choose to proudly share your love of Oktoberfest with a decorated beer boot featuring a colorful depiction of this annual celebration. There is no limit to the cool ways you can make your man-cave or bar more interesting, more entertaining and more welcoming for your family and friends when you choose to take it to the next level with Das Boot.