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Beer Boot Buyers Guide

Beer Boot Buying Guide

We are the leading beer glass and beer boot retailer in the USA, so we are get a lot of questions about beer boots.  These include questions about the sizes of beer boots and how the beer boots are made.  We put this guide together to help provide additional information about beer boots and to help our customers decide which beer boot is right for them.

History of Beer Boots

Beer boots are generally thought to be of German origin.   Germany had Europe’s best glassmakers ever since glass became a popular drinking vessel.  One theory on the origin of the beer boot is that a German general in the late 1800’s made a bet with his troops that if they won an important battle, he would drink beer from his boot.  After winning the battle, he did just that.  Glass boots were then made and became part of the military culture in Germany.   

Another theory holds that English Royalty commissioned German glassblowers to create a glass riding boot for a hunting party.
  This is the most likely origin of the glass beer boot as it can be documented.  A book on the history of drinking vessels from the early 1800’s includes an illustration of the beer boot.

How Beer Boots Are Made

Beer boots are made from glass.   They can either be blown or machine pressed.  Please visit this page for more information on how beer glasses are made: Beer Glass Information

Blown Beer Boots

Mouth or Machine blown beer boots are made by blowing air into molten glass that is placed in the mould.   The glass is then formed into a shape of a beer boot.  Small beer boots can be blown without the aid of a mould but once the size is greater than one liter or 33 oz, a mould is required due to the volume and weight of the glass.

Blown beer boots are more delicate than machine pressed boots.
  They are made by hand and the glass thickness may vary at different parts of the boot.  The top of a blown beer boot is cut rather than molded as you would find in a machine pressed boot.  Swirls and tiny air bubbles in the glass are part of the natural process of making  blown glassware and can be expected. 

Machine Pressed Beer Boots

Machine pressed beer boots are made by pouring molten glass into a mould and pressing the mould together with high pressure to achieve the desired form.   Mouth blown boots are more consistent than mouth blown boot and typically more durable. 

Beer Boot Sizes

Beer boots range from 1.5 ounces all the way up to 4 liters or 132 ounces.   Common beer boot sizes are as follows:

1.5 ounce Shot Glass

.5 Liter or 16.5 ounces and can hold a liter over one 12 ounce beer.
1 Liter or 33 ounces and can hold almost three 12 ounce beers.
2 Liter or 66 ounces and can hold five and half 12 ounce beers.

3 liter or 99 ounces and can hold a little over eight 12 ounce beers.
4 liter or 132 ounces and can hold eleven 12 ounce beers.

Here are beer boots along side a typically 12 ounce beer bottle.

Half Liter Beer Boot One Liter Beer Boot
Half Liter Beer Boot One Liter Beer Boot
Two Liter Beer Boot Four Liter Beer Boot
Two Liter Beer Boot Four Liter Beer Boot