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About Guinness Glasses

Did you know that roasted barley is all that is needed to lend that taste to your favorite drink, Guinness? Well, for starters, Guinness is a variety of stout whose native may be traced to the Irish territories way back in the early eighteenth century in the St. James Gate Brewery belonging to one Arthur Guinness. Arthur got the idea of brewing a beer using roasted barley at a time when beer was almost unheard of in the rural side of Ireland. His drink became popular and it was nicknamed porter because of its popularity among porters. The name porter later became stout porter that had a stronger taste. The brand Guinness Stout became famous everywhere by 1825 and St. James Gate Brewery was the largest brewery in Ireland by then what with its yearly production crossing a billion barrels a year. Being one of the most celebrated beer varieties, the Guinness always sells like hot cakes in Ireland and it rakes in whopping profits of nearly two billion euros every year. The drinks peculiar taste may be attributed to its nitrogen content too.

Today several countries like Indonesia and Nigeria have been shown the green card to brew the famed Guinness Stout legally. They import the unfermented but hopped version of the Guinness extract and combine it with the local flavors for brewing.

An interesting fact about the English based Guinness production is that production of Guinness in the United Kingdom was stopped recently and the entire production was sent to Ireland since Irish Guinness was believed to have a better taste.

The fact that drinking Guinness can do many good to your health is sure to come across as an icing on the cake to all lovers of Guinness. The drink is enriched with antioxidants that help in lowering cholesterol in the heart.

Apart from barley and nitrogen being the main lenders of taste to the drink, Guinness also has ingredients like water, hops and brewers yeast. There are different varieties of hops alone, the favorite being the Goldings. The roasted barley imparts the dark-ruby color to the drink. All those who are calorie-conscious can safely consume this drink; a pint of Guinness contains just 198 calories that is lesser than that of its counterparts. The Irish brewers are particular about the water used for brewing Guinness. They take water from the Ladys well situated in the Wicklow Mountains.

The Draught variety of Guinness has a very smooth texture because of the carbon dioxide and the creamy head caused by bubbles arising due to the nitrogen content in it. The Original Extra Stout variety has an acidic taste since only carbon dioxide is used its preparation. Chilled Draught makes a perfect drink for a summer evening. However, it is advisable to wait for a while before the beer to settle after you pour it. The longer you wait, the tastier it gets. That is why many bartenders make use of a shamrock in the head as the pouring gets through slowly and gently.

The picture seems to be rosy as the Guinness brewing business is booming and the trends seem to be only fizzing to the brim of the glass with Dublin accounting for nearly six prime versions and 19 varieties of the drink and its exports amount to nearly 40 percent of its production.

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