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About Beer Glasses

About Beer Glasses

Man has, over the centuries, shown great interest in introducing newer concepts and ideas for almost anything under the sun. Socializing and partying are now becoming serious affairs what with strange and new etiquette and codes being developed everyday. After several studies and experiments, things that seemed trivial once upon a time such as the glass in which you have your beer have now evolved into something more serious. People now want to have the maximum out of their beer drinking experience. The German beers, for instance, have their own type of aesthetically designed glass to enjoy drinking the beer to the core. The glasses that are used to serve popular names in the German beer drinking circuit like the Kristallweizen are tall and slender and narrow down towards the bottom. Likewise, the bartender takes pain to ensure that Altbier is served in a straight, short cylindrical glass. Some staunch beer lovers in Berlin enjoy drinking their beer through a straw.

People with a craze for collecting breweriana exhibit a passion for collecting different beer glasses besides mugs and steins. Breweriana buffs collect glasses based on the variety of beers that are on hand in the market. We are sure that some of you love to collect mugs based on their make as to whether they are made by hand or are mould-blown and so on.

Do not, however, be surprised to find your friend having a similar collection as yours the next time you party at his place. This is because the most popular designs of beer glasses and mugs are those that have an enamel finish, acid-etched or are glasses done using diamond-point cutting. It is not surprising to find that many of us have beer glasses that date back to the early and middle of the past century bequeathed to us by our great grandfathers!

As regards the beer mug, an avid collector of beer mugs should know his mug by the handle. The handle of the mug decides the role of a beer mug. A close kinsman to the beer mug is the beer stein. Stein means a stone jug in German and it is more than seven centuries old. It is believed that the stein was first used to cover drinking vessels to prevent contamination. Even beer stein collection is as diversified as the beer itself. There are steins made from many kinds of materials like glass, porcelain, ivory, wood, stoneware, pewter, and silver.

Wheat beer glass, pint glass, snifters, goblets, tulip glass, the dimpled mug (that is native to America), are household names when it comes to breweriana. Similarly, the flute glass is the favorite serving vessel for the Belgian lambics. These glasses definitely find a place in the collections of all avid connoisseurs of beer glasses. Drinking from steins and beer glasses has several benefits than drinking directly from the bottle or the beer can, and this is evident from the rising consciousness of beer etiquette among beer drinkers across the world. If you drink beer from a stein or glass, not only does it improve the aroma and taste of the beer, it also enhances and adds on to the entire beer drinking experience. After all it is the aftermath kick we get after drinking that matters most.

You can all refine yourself and prove to be tasteful beer connoisseurs and get the most of out of your beer drinking experience if you follow some of our tips. Remember to use your glass to drink beer only and not anything else lest the residue from other drinks should linger on in the glass and thereby affect the taste and appearance of your next beer. Do take good care to carefully wash your glasses with hot water and avoid using soap for fear of residue. Many of the bars serve beer in frosted glasses. We suggest that you avoid that practice as too much of cooling can ruin your beers flavor and numb your taste buds. You are your best judge. Decide for yourself as to what you prefer. If you detest Belgian beer steins, then stay away from it. Keep in mind the above tips to ensure a happy beer drinking experience.

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