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Test Tube Shot Set
Test Tube Shot Set

Test Tube Shot Set

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Test Tube Shot Set

So, you like to do things a little differently than most. You don't want ordinary shot glasses in your home, you want something a little different. When you are drinking with your friends, you want them to be impressed and surprised with the barware that you use. This Test Tube Shots Set helps you to stand out and be different when it comes to the way that you serve drinks in your home. This set allows you to serve drinks in an interesting way that will stir up conversation and create a fun atmosphere when your friends are at the house.

This Test Tube Shots Set includes 24 test tubes that are just waiting to be filled with shots of all kinds. Bring a little mystery to your drinking party by filling these shots with all kinds of drinks and then enjoying them with your friends. You get to be the scientist choosing the best drinking options when you are the one filling these tubes.

Have a friend who has always been into science? This Test Tube Shots Set would make the perfect gift for that friend, it is something that will surely bring a laugh from anyone who sees it. Kick up your next party with this test tube shot set. The plastic rack securely holds the tubes and is molded to fit in your hand. Don't miss out on this cool bar gadget!


  • Set of 24 test tube shooters
  • Tubes are 6 inches long
  • Each tube holds one ounce
  • Rack holds 24 test tubes
  • Rack and tubes are clear plastic

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