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Reissdorf Koelsch Tray

Reissdorf Koelsch Tray

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Authentic Reissdorf Kölsch Tray with Glasses

Enjoy a crisp Kölsch beer with your friends and this authentic Reissdorf Koelschkranz Ring Tray. This tray and the glasses come directly from the Reissdorf Koelsch brewery in Germany. Kölsch is traditionally served in this style of stange glass and Reissdorf has a reputation as one of the best Kolsch breweries within Germany. The included 0.2l Kolesch glasses (11) have the Reissdorf Kölsch logo on the front and are a special edition to celebrate 500 years of German Beer Purity Law. they feature the words "500 Jahre Deutsches Reinheitsgebot" as well as the words "Hopfen, Gerste, Wasser" (Hops, Barley, Water).  These glasses are an excellent example of a stick or stange glass from Germany.

  • Brewery: Brauerei Heinrich Reissdorf
  • Country of Origin: Germany
  • Beer Glass Type: Stick or Stange Glass
  • Glass Size: .2 liter or 6.7 oz
  • Glass Dimensions: 6 inches high
  • Tray Size: Base: 12 inch diameter, Height (incl. handle): 13 inches

About Kölschlsch Beer:
Kölsch is a local beer specialty, brewed in Cologne, Germany. It is a clear beer with a bright straw-yellow hue, and it has a prominent, but not extreme, hoppiness. It is less bitter than the standard German lager beer, Pils. Furthermore, Kolsch is top-fermented at a relatively warm temperature (13 to 21C, or 55 to 70F) and then cold-conditioned, or lagered. This manner of fermentation links Kölsch with some other beer styles of central northern Europe, such as the Altbiers of northern Germany and the Netherlands. The Deutscher Brauer Bund categorizes Koelsch as an obergriges Lagerbier.

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