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Jameson Irish Whiskey Shot Glass Set
Jameson Whiskey Glass Set

Jameson Irish Whiskey Shot Glass Set

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Jameson Whiskey Shot Glass Set

Jameson is today's premier Irish Whiskey brand that can be enjoyed on St. Patrick's day, or on any other day of the year. With a great taste and good finish, Jameson fits almost anybody's taste and can be enjoyed in a mixed drink, or for the brave of heart in a shot, and the perfect glass to take those shots in are official Jameson shot glasses. This set of two Jameson branded shot glasses each fit about two ounces and are designed with tall sides and a solid glass base. These are perfect for taking a strong shot and then pounding down the glass to make sure you let everybody know your done. They also have the classic Jameson logo in a cool decal on the front, which is the mark that every bottle of Jameson bears, even including the red shield that is known around the world. These shot glasses are so good looking they can be used in any setting, from a classic Irish pub, to a man's wet bar at home. From the loudest of parties to the quietest of gatherings, these Jameson shot glasses fit any occasion. Feel proud serving one of the world's best liquors in a vessel that was specifically designed for that job.


  • Shot Glass Set of Two Glasses.
  • Size: 2 ounces to the rim.
  • Dimensions: About 4.25 inches high and 1.5 inches wide.

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