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Often confused with a champagne glass, a flute beer glass is designed to retain some of the same properties found in fine champagne. These include active carbonation and intense aroma and a visually appealing presentation.

A flute beer glass is typically tall, long-stemmed and slender made with thin-walled glass. The long stem allows you enjoy the beer without your hand coming in contact with the bowl and warming the beer. The narrow bowl creates a thick head and good head retention.

Why should you add a flute glass to your home bar?

If really should have a flute glass is you enjoy lambics or other highly carbonated styles of beer. Serving these types of beer in a different style glass will detract from the presentation and experience. Plus, a flute glass can perform double duty in your home bar and can be used to serve champagne, prosecco and other sparkling wines.

Use a Flute to serve these beer styles:
Biere de Champagne or Biere Brut, Eisbock, Fruit Beers, Gueuze, Krieks, Lambics, Pilsners, Red Ales and Schwarzbier

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Flute Beer Glass
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DeuS Belgian Beer Glass
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Eisenbahn Lust Beer Glass
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Cidre Bouche Brut Dupont Glass
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