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Shop for Chalice Beer Glasses

Chalice glass are similar to goblet glass but are thicker and heavier. A chalice will always have good weight, thick wall, hefty base and a wide bowl that is sometimes etched to nucleate a stream of carbonation to aid in head presence and maintenance.

Why should you add a Chalice glass to your home bar?

You can use a chalice glass to serve many of the same beers that are served in a goblet but a chalice is much more durable. The thick glass that defines a chalice makes them much more resistant to breakage and they can take a surprising amount of abuse. Plus, chalices are a great way to serve ice cream.

Use a chalice to serve these beer styles:
Belgian Dubbels, Belgian Tripels, Belgian Quadrupels, Berliner Weissbier, Big Belgian Ales (high ABV), German Bocks, German Maibocks, Imperial IPA, Imperial Stouts and most other big beers styles (high ABV).

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