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Booze Belly Flask
Concealable Booze Belly Flask

Booze Belly Flask

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Ultra Sneaky Booze Belly Concealable Flask

Everyone who is a regular drinker knows that sometimes there are situations where you really cannot be drinking, or sometimes there are situations where you wish you could bring alcohol into a venue, only to be rejected at the door. People come up with some pretty clever ways to sneak alcohol into concerts and other types of events, but it may be difficult. The booze belly flask takes care of all of your worries and concerns, as it can easily be concealed on your stomach and allows you to sneak in alcohol wherever you please.

There is no doubt that this product will come in more handy than a flask, as it is attached under your clothing, much in the same fashion as a fanny pack, only you cannot see it from the outside. If you are patted down as well, they probably won't find it or suspect anything as it is wrapped tightly around your midsection and does not raise any suspicion. It actually holds an entire 750 ml, which is exactly the amount of a full bottle of liquor that is typically sold. Theoretically, by using this product, you could easily sneak an entire bottle of liquor into a variety of places that don't allow outside alcohol to be brought inside.


  • The Booze Belly Concealable Flask holds 750 ml (25 fluid oz) of your favorite drink.
  • The one size fits all.
  • Comes with a 10" hose from the flask to allow for filling up your cup without having to remove the flask.
  • The Booze Belly is flexible, leak-proof and re-usable
  • Made from food grade plastic.

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