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Bass Bar Towel
Kilkenny Bar Towel

Bass Bar Towel

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Authentic Bass Ale Bar Towel

This heavy duty bar towel is impressive because it can handle cleaning the biggest, sloppiest messes while still looking stylish. At 9 by 19 inches, there is enough surface area to cover any spill. This thick towel is super absorbent and can easily sponge up a liquid spill instead of just sloshing it around like the traditional bar rags always seem to do. The sleek, black color will disguise the soiled areas and keep the towel looking fresh and new. The sharp contrast between the black background and the brand’s trademark bold, red triangle give this towel some serious style. “Bass” is etched in gold as well as the statement “our finest ale” centered just underneath. This towel will enhance a bartender’s uniform as it hangs from the apron pocket. In fact, this towel looks so good that you will be looking forward to spilling something just so that you can use it to clean up. This expertly woven towel is quality made so you will never have to worry about loose strings or tears. The Bass bar towel makes the traditional bar towel look like a tissue. You will be very satisfied when you replace your old rags with this premium towel.


  • Brewery: Bass Ale
  • Country of Origin: England
  • Size: 9 by 19 inches
  • 100% Woven Cotton

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